Are you Fellaini In or Fellaini Out? As exit rumours to AC Milan reignite

According to reports Manchester United have driven up the asking price to at least £19million for flop Marouane Fellaini. For most supporters this can only be too good to be true as Fellaini has taken a lot of criticism from the fans for his poor displays this season.

How much longer will Fellaini last at United?
How much longer will Fellaini last at United?

In Sunday’s big derby Manchester United beat rivals Liverpool 1-0 to jump up to 5th and two points behind Tottenham in the Premier League table.

In a match that saw Liverpool dominate the bulk of the game with chance after chance, they failed to finish them, thanks to a man of the match winning performance from David De Gea, and a late strike from United captain Wayne Rooney 12 minutes from the end.

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In the build up to the winning goal it was a header from Marouane Fellaini that rattled the crossbar and ended up landing at Rooney’s feet which set up the goal.

An assist or another missed opportunity for the big man? By all means this was no assist from Fellaini. Yes, if it wasn’t for the header then the chance wouldn’t have fallen in that way. But the truth is that United were overrun for most of the game, central to that was Fellaini.

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From Scholes vs Gerrard to Fellaini vs Lucas supporters mocked on social media.


Let’s not fool ourselves, Fellaini is no deep lining midfielder. Usually looking awkward and erratic is his style. The ability to chest the ball and bring it down is his biggest asset. But is this the United way? Is this what the supporters want to see week in week out? It’s simple, no. For a manager who is obsessed with ball possession, it’s quite hard to understand how Fellaini continues to start matches when keeping possession is not his best attribute.

For a player who appears to be taller than most, he lost an awful lot of arial battles on Sunday. And his awkward style can leave supporters panicking whenever he clutters into his opponents with rash challenges. Some may argue that he could’ve been sent off in numerous matches.

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As an Everton player Fellaini was a handful operating mainly in the number 10 position, his most effective position. At United Wayne Rooney, Ander Herrera, Juan Mata, Adnan Januzaj and Andreas Pereira can all play in this position. Is Fellaini a better number 10 than those players? No. Is Fellaini the right fit for United in this midfield? No. So why does van Gaal continue to play him? Van Gaal could have opted for Herrera in the deep lining midfield role with Mata in the number 10 instead.

Hererra averages a higher passing accuracy and more defensive interceptions, but is the most likely of the two to be subbed or even dropped. While Pereira who was the stand out performer on the US Pre-season Tour cannot even get a look in. Van Gaal’s stubbornness could lead to United losing both players who could be the future of the club, just to accommodate a player who clearly should not have a future at the club.

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Something will have to give in the end. Fellaini is simply not a United player. His slow and misplacing passing style will only do more damage than good in the long run. If it is true that Milan are in for the big man then Untied should cut their losses and drop the asking price. So in other words it’s Fellaini Out for me.

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