Adnan Januzaj Mistreatment by Louis van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal has mistreated Adnan Januzaj at Manchester United. He was the once promising spot in a terrible campaign by David Moyes, a campaign that produced better numbers than this of LVG.  

Louis Van Gaal put him on the outskirts of the squad in his first season, and when he actually had time to showcase his ability during the pre-season and the start of the year he did quite well but was sent out on loan instantly to a squad in which he would be put further down in the pecking order, behind the likes of Marco Reus, Shinji Kagawa, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Pierre-Emerick Aubuyang and instead Wayne Rooney, Antony Martial, Juan Mata, Memphis Depay and Ashley Young would be the competing forces.

In this slump the team is currently in, it is very hard to see any bright point, and we need an injection of pace and creativity, something we could find with Adnan Januzaj. While Adnan was rotting on a bench in Germany, we were struggling to keep pace with the title challengers, raising further questions about LVG and his future, something which could be changed just by putting in Januzaj instead of the current lineup. Mata, A creative but slow methodical player.. Lingard, a youthful exuberant player who needs more refining much like Januzaj just not as quick or skilled. Memphis, who has thus far struggled to adapt to the premiershi. Martial who also has trouble sometimes with defences adapting to him but has thus far been one of our attacking bright spots. Rooney, who has been far below his standard ever since LVG became manager. Herrera, who has been our best outfield player when played but has been pushed to the outskirts of the squad by LVG for some unknown reason. Outside of these six we have little attacking talent since both Young and Valencia have been converted into makeshift fullbacks and Fellaini is more or less just a tall presence around the box with little other to offer in attack.

If LVG would give up his “Philosophy”, one that does nothing but put us to sleep and lose us games, he could switch to a 4-1-4-1 formation where Schneiderlin could be protecting the back four and have Memphis, Herrera, Mata and Januzaj across the four with Rooney up top, which would produce more goals. This would also allow Rooney to regain his form that had allowed him to be considered world class at one point.  When Memphis or anybody across that line has troubles Martial could step in and inject pace on the wings, or up top dropping Rooney to one of the two attacking mids, pushing Mata (if not dropped) to the wing. This would bring in more attacking play and would get United back to the United way.

In a sense the idea of tiki-taka played by LVG is useless. Nobody in the world uses it. Not Bayern not Barca only United and small minnow clubs. Tiki-taka is possession to keep the ball away from a better attacking opponent, keeping up the defence, producing a great defensive stat but very few goals to show for the domination in possession. Barca and Bayern play an overloading style to create a disadvantage to the other squad on a side of the field in which they may exploit, as shown by the greatness in goal differential of those two and the attacking talent flocks to those teams because of all the space they create for those attackers.

Due to Januzaj not excelling in a “passing first” type of system and wanting to take players on, he has been loaned out. For some reason LVG prefers a Memphis who likes to take players on, but drastically fails, due to the fact that he signed him as his Dutch superstar, something that LVG loves, while Adnan takes players on, beats them, and produces chances for either himself or the rest of the squad but often lacks the final shot.

With everyone playing poorly, such as when Moyes was around, i believe Januzaj will show his ability and produce far more in time and eventually get the rest of the squad producing with him just like under Moyes. There is a reason Ryan Giggs trusted him with the number 11, his famous number. Ryan Giggs sees a lot of himself in Adnan, a youthful, fast, smart player, who at first wasn’t the best with his end product but is continuing to refine it and I am sure if Giggs were currently the manager he would keep Adnan in the first 11 week in week out, letting him produce to his full capability and show us the potential we have all seen.

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  1. Totally!!! The few games he played, he was playing out of position and that brokenthe boys character! He went to borussia but with no confidence or desire to grow as player! It’s all van gaal’s fault! He gets the worst of the players that’s why he needs to man up and resign, but he’s not a man so he won’t!!!

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